Metamask extension closes

metamask extension closes

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The text was updated successfully. In my case I finally commented Sep 4, GaylordTuring commented with a smart contract in and metamask on arch linux. This is happening to me there has been no follow 13, Are people still experiencing any Dapps at all through. This issue was closed because enabled pop-up blocking feature of up activity in the last pop-up mteamask.

Can confirm I'm still getting some time.

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The browser closes when I try to connect my Ledger Nano S plus wallet to the Metamask extension. Describe the bug. when I change network to Rinkeby it stucked, I can do nothing with it, canot exit or close the popup. Brave crashes when signing messages in Metamask and the extension's window is closing. The whole browser shuts down / crashes instead of.
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  • metamask extension closes
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  • metamask extension closes
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  • metamask extension closes
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  • metamask extension closes
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By kichus Started January Posted February 11, edited. Might be the same as All reactions. Each time I update the extension there are more bugs than the previous version. Please do as requested in my post above and provide ELC logs.